Brian Needs Help: A Strange Newsletter on Marketing, Operations, Money, and More

Discover nifty things by drinking deep from my brainwaves.

  • Marketing ideas to grow a business: Grow new and existing business opportunities with creative tips, templates, and other thoughts on marketing success.
  • Operations playbooks to scale the team: Actionable guides and knowledge empowerment through Notion, Microsoft Teams, other sorts of productivity tips and goodies.
  • Information technology to power a business: Productivity systems, cybersecurity updates, and more. Plus, I buy, build, and otherwise dissect tech so I may as well be sharing some of that fun with you.
  • Revenue optimization for $$$: Maximize where your money is going with business intelligence news, templates, and non-financial-advice insights. Note: This may or may not include blockchain madness but likely includes tax, estate, and other learnings.
  • Things of great import: There're always a few headline-driving things in the online and offline zeitgeist percolating. Sometimes I like to throw in my ten cents. These items are often the stuff etched in the annals of Google Trends, of which some may end up standing the test of time.
  • Entertainment to complete you: Because what is there to life if not art?

I also want to ask for your help. I know how little I know. Drop knowledge and anger and admiration on me by sharing your thoughts here. Exchanging your money in return for this reading material is always helpful too though.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Brian C. Thackston, Esq., J.D.

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Brian Needs Help: A Strange Newsletter on Marketing, Operations, Money, and More